Should I Buy: Chubbies

As a follow up for last weeks article on swimwear we decided to take a moment to write about a brand we’ve have recently come to love, Chubbies. If you don’t know about Chubbies, first of all where have you been for the 2010’s? Secondly, you need to look at their website and familiarize with what they represent, because if the words “skies out, thighs out” get you fired up, you’re gonna like what you see.

Design Options: A
Party shorts. Everything Chubbies does reflects their vision, nothing standard, nothing plain and therefore nothing boring. It might take you two or three visits to pull the trigger and purchase. It might even take you a couple occasions to really grab your balls and send it into a public space with them on but after you take that first plunge, they will be your go-to and you will inevitably end up finding any excuse to wear them, even in the dead of winter.

A real life learning experience; we got real boned up about getting a pair of Chubbies and sent it on a pair of American Flag trunks. They are hands down the only thing worth wearing for the week of Fourth of July, Memorial Day and the occasional beach party. However, beyond that they get passed over for more subtle options unless your jam is wearing American Flag trunks every occasion possible. If so, we salute your patriotism and would be honored to shotgun with you.

Quality: B+
$50-70 cost is on the upperside of average. The fabric quality reflects the price, upperside of average. You could go out and spend $90 on a pair of Vineyard Vines trunks for a bit higher quality fabric or you could save the extra $20 and go buy a bottle of rosé and you could become a magnet for white girls in oversized straw hats. Your call.

Branding: A
Their 11 point constitution simply states they believe in, America, comfort, freedom, celebrating the male physique in all its glory and are on an eternal quest to free your thighs. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Customer Service: A+
As it turns out, this brand gives a shit about their customers. What a refreshing surprise. My order got fucked up and was being returned to sender, I emailed them and told them the situation, had a response two hours later and they had my shorts on my legs less than 24 hours after that.

Should I Buy Them?
At the end of the day, you’re buying into a story and a community that you’re likely already engaged in. It doesn’t matter if you’re ex-president George W. or a skinny little GDI, you don’t by for premium quality, you buy because you realize your thighs are worthy of being showcased and because it’s a great company disrupting the status quo of men’s swimwear. You should buy them.

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