About Methods

Methods is the cure to your quarter-life crisis.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being expected to set a solid foundation for the rest of your life, while statistically being the poorest and most clueless you’ll ever be.

To make matters worse, all the lifestyle advice for “people like us” comes from Instagram models in LA, hipster bloggers in Brooklyn or massive publications like GQ or Esquire. The result? A group of people who are nothing like us preaching about what we need to buy to fit into a world we aren’t part of. Not exactly helpful for those of us who are just trying to make enough to pay off our student loans and survive on the leftovers.

The struggle is real, and evolution is necessary, and that’s why Methods was born. We’re focused on providing information about adulting, in a way that’s actually helpful, affordable and understandable. Think of us as your best friend who has time to weed through all the bullshit and advertising pulling out the useful information. No bullshit, no fluff. Just straight talk about things that matter and make the weird transition to adulthood a little easier.


Nikolai Dziezyc // Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Nikolai created Methods while working in the fashion industry in LA and NYC. As a country boy from Wyoming, he was use to a simpler, more rugged style of life than the city provided. Knowing he needed to transition between the two worlds he started consuming every possible publication available on how to exercise, how to eat, how to dress, how to drink and how to behave. The resources available found existed at two separate ends of the spectrum; a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters talking about what beard balm worked the best in humidity and GQ and Esquire trying to sell readers $800 pair of socks.
There was nothing in the middle. Nothing for people who need information but don’t want to wade through all the bullshit advertisement driven content attempting to create a constant consumer. Email.
Gary Gonzalez // Co-founder and Business Manager
Someone had to put all this shit together, so Gary came into the fold with a decade-long career in advertising. A classically trained strategist with an eye for design and a master’s degree from Northwestern University, Gary works behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly and the content coming. Email.

The Team

Carly Schaefer // Social Media
You know all those Facebook posts, Instagram stories and pins on Pinterest? That’s Carly. She’s hands-on everyday maintaining and growing Methods social media presence and keeping a fresh supply of content in your feed.
Michaela Miller // Editor and Contributor Manager
Michaela is the trigger-happy red pen of Methods. As editor and content coordinator, she ensures that the articles are published on time and in a grammatically correct, structured way. She has a background as a freelance writer, editor, and operations analyst.