Adult Cocktail: Manhattan


Classic, masculine, sophisticated and strong much like the man you are developing into because you’re learning all of the useful things from us.

Why this?
As an evolving Chad with a comm degree from a state school you were taught to question everything. Accordingly, here are the answers to all your feeble “why” questions.

  • Answer #1 – Because when you’re drunk it’s easy to remember when the bartender asks you what you want and you freeze on the spot.
  • Answer #2 – No one will ever make fun of you for ordering a Manhattan.
  • Answer #3 – It’s perfect for a mellow night with the boys, during an event with appetizers or a first drink when you are initiating a full send.
  • Answer #4 – The ingredients and amounts are so simple that even you could make one at home when you convince Deb from Bumble (nonprofit worker, 24) over to your apartment for some Bill Withers and to talk about her humanitarian trip to Haiti.
  • Answer #5 – A Manhattan highlights the natural flavors of the whiskey while providing a subtle sweetness that makes it easier for your bitch ass to palate.

But if you don’t give a shit about those things and you’re just looking for something new to drink a Manhattan is your new go-to.

Created in the late 19th century, the Manhattan remains relatively unchanged by the times but like so many other cocktails, the origin of the Manhattan has been lost in time. If you’re interested in the stories, view them here.


  • 2 oz. rye whiskey, bourbon or Canadian whiskey
  • 1 oz. sweet vermouth
  • 2-3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • Bourbon Cherry for garnish

Stirred, strained and up. You can get it on the rocks but when you do you should probably start sitting down while you pee and start carrying a purse, your choice.

A perfect balance of bitter, sweet and boozy. The combination of the bitters and vermouth amplifies the flavor of the whiskey. It’s a strong and serious drink and should be respected as such.

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