Business Casual on a Budget

Whether we like it or not, most of us are not going to fulfill our childhood aspirations of becoming anastronaut, or a doctor, or some shit where you actually make a difference
Most of us are destined to toil away in the cube farms, cranking out monkey work and crunching numbers for The Man. But just because your view on life, and overall demeanor, now resembles that of a North Korean labor camp prisoner, doesn’t mean your wardrobe does too. There is no faster way to up your personal stock than dressing well. This is as true in the office as it is at the bar.

Dress well, play well, case closed.
Business casual can be tricky to master. Like everything in life, trying too hard is almost as bad as not trying at all. This is your guide to dressing well at work without breaking the bank.


– Fit is key. will get you four shirts for $200 with a solid slim fit off the rack. They have a huge selection and a six month warranty.
– 90% of your shirts should be blue, white or a combination of both. A man can never have too many white shirts. Sprinkle in pink or red gingham for Fridays and you’re good to go.
– Never, EVER, wear a solid colored (other than blue or white) shirt; unless you and 4 relatives are telling Steve Harvey the most popular food to lick off your fingers.
– If you’re in shape, wear a spread collar. If you collar has buttons, put them to use. We aren’t on vacation on The Cape.
– Use collar stays. A limp collar is like a limp dick, no one in history has ever enjoyed seeing that.
– Iron your shit. There is no excuse for a wrinkled shirt.


– Again, it’s all about fit. A cheap pair of pants that fit will always look better than an expensive pair that doesn’t. Uniqlo has solid pants in the $50 range with a good slim fit.
– Never, EVER, wear pleats or cuffs. Slim/straight fit with a flat front should be the only thing you own.
– Length is important. Your pants should end at the top of your shoe. Err on the shorter side if looking for a younger and more hip look.
– Like a good pair of jeans, your pants should taper at the bottom. JNCOs aren’t back in style yet.


Florsheim is the best. They are comfortable, look good, and won’t cost you a paycheck.
– You should have a pair of black cap toed bluchers and a pair of brown wingtips at the minimum. This will have you covered for almost every occasion.
– Leave the Gucci loafers and Hermes ties for your asshole boss.

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