Fall Fashion: Tops

We get it, adulting is hard
Clothing or fashion (or whatever word won’t scare you away in the first sentence) is the last thing most of you want to spend your money on. Our generation got pegged by the economy, pegged by student loans and now we’ve hardly got enough money to buy the newest iPhone every year. Outside of the latest functional clothing for adventures and activities, most of us could give a shit about “fashion” or “looking good.” If it comes down to a Patagonia jacket for the upcoming ski season or a new suit jacket for work, you’ll pick the Patagucci every time.

The struggle of the first world Millennial male is real, but you’re a grown up now and it’s time to start looking like one
First things first, you’ve got to get it through your thick skull that simplicity and patience are key when starting to dress like someone who doesn’t live in student housing. Pretty much every “dope ass” patterned piece of clothing you buy from Zumiez will go out of style before you get any use out of it. To be blunt, patterned clothing is hard to match without looking like you’re at Burning Man to “share your art with the world.” There’s a time and place for every style, leave that one at the Playa.

To keep things simple here, we developed a core group of values that we base our recommendations around:

  • Timeless
  • Simple
  • Multipurpose
  • Multi-seasonal
  • Affordable (this doesn’t always mean cheap).  

Keep in mind we can’t fix your shitty wardrobe in a day
But as you collect decent pieces overtime, you’ll develop a closet with items that can be interchanged in and out of seasons. So, with that in mind, here are our five essential fall tops for adulting. All of these are guaranteed to keep you warm, be versatile and help you find someone to keep you warm during the winter.

Wool Sweater

Fall, winter, spring or summer, a wool sweater can be worn with anything, everything or nothing if you’re feeling saucy. The simplicity and the classic look can be dressed up, dressed down or used as a layer. Stay with a crewneck and make it thicc so you can stay warm. High quality wool is expensive to buy new so try and raid your dad’s or grandfather’s sweater collection. If you take good care of it, it just might be handed down to your future little shitbag child too. 

Buying Options
$ Second hand store
$$$ Mollusk

Protip – women love big sweaters and if you’ve ever seen woman only wearing a baggy sweater you know it’s the best. Pew pew pew.

Long Sweatshirt

A semi modern item to add to your closet. If you fuck with street style this is a perfect staple piece especially if you get it in a single color. If you’re not down with the street style (don’t know why you wouldn’t be) the crewneck or sweatshirt can be multipurpose and practical.

Buying Options
$ H&M
$ Asos
$$ Akomplice

Bomber Jacket

Originally for military uses, the Bomber Jacket has found its place in the closet of most modern men. It’s light but warm, casual and works to layer with. Stay away from pre sewn patches, you didn’t earn them so you look like a twat wearing them. Stay away from fur collar, looks cheap unless it’s real fur and in that case your liberal, gluten free, vegan PETA supporting girlfriend will throw a fit and revoke sex because you endorse killing animals. Funny how her problems with life become yours when she threatens to take away sex.

Buying Options
$ Gap
$$$ Bonobos

Tip – Be aware that Bomber Jackets will be a bit shorter than coats that you are use to.

Quarter Zip Fleece

This is for our Utah gear head friends who think this is all bullshit but you’re our friends so you still skim what we write. Turns out you can wear technical clothing and have it look like you tried. Recently, brands like Patagonia have been combining the world’s of function and fashion together and have been coming up with some pretty dope stuff. Just stay away from the eccentric patterns, they are cool when you’re 23 and a ski bum but in five years when the fleece is still in good condition you’re not going to like the “heddy” design anymore.

Buying Options
$$ Patagonia
$$ LL Bean

Leather Jacket

Durable, practical, badass and many design options which can suit your style. Every badass has a leather jacket and it can be worn anytime of the year. It can be worn alone, layered, thrown in ball and still will look good. A good jacket isn’t cheap but if you spend the money it will be the only one you will ever need. Don’t buy cheap shit that will fall apart, in the long run it will cost you more than if you invested in a good piece initially. Also don’t be impulsive, search around for something you like and something on sale.

Tip – There are a lot of frilly and shiny leather jackets out there. You may think this is cool now but in 10 years when the jacket is still in your closet are you going to feel the same way?

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