The Modern Man by Heidi Somes

High-fives all around, we raised a shitload of money over November
Cheers to everyone who grew mustaches, donated, and supported the first ever November is For The Boys campaign. With your support, we were able to raise over $1,000, which will be donated to the Movember Foundation and used to fight men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and depression.

As part of NIFTBs, someone much more talented than us made a significant contribution to the success of the campaign
Friend of the website and local Seattle artist, Heidi Lockhart Somes, created “Modern Man” as a prize for the person who raised the most money during the month. The 36×24 art piece is composed of carbon, metallic, acrylic materials on a custom canvas mounted in a handbuilt frame.

Somes is a recognized reflectionist painter and world photographer. Creating stand-alone portraits, or blending her photography with oils, carbon, and metallics, she has a history of creating bold, impactful original works of art. She was the recent recipient of National Geographic Editor’s Spotlight Award for her adventure & travel photography. Most notably, as a contributing artist for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Savor the Symphony, her painted violin sold pre-auction for $20,000 to a private bidder. All proceeds benefited youth music education programs.

Each of her pieces incorporates movement, texture, and depth. She has been influenced by her adventures mountaineering in the Himalayas, camping in Norway’s arctic circle, running marathons in remote corners of the world and growing up in Oregon’s picturesque Willamette Valley.

In her words
“Modern Man was created to promote awareness for what ails the male population. Going beyond ‘Movember,’ the goal was to create a piece that will capture attention with its quirk and simplicity, yet hit every age with its old-fashion to modern portraiture. To encapsulate what is the Modern Male, I focused on ambiguity, timeless style and added metallic elements to incorporate texture and flair. Being a woman who often paints women, I admit this piece was a challenge. However, the Modern Male I painted is the truest gentleman, who is on a constant journey to better himself. Whether he is a husband, son, father or friend, I hope this piece reminds you of yours.”

The future of the “Modern Man”
Since Gary absolutely crushed the donation game, the painting was rightfully his to claim. However, since Gary is also a part owner of the blog, we’ve decided it makes more sense to donate the painting to be used in an auction supporting another men’s health organization. Given the previous success of Heidi’s work sold at auction and our commitment to serving men’s health, we think this is the best opportunity to continue to make an impact.

About the Artist
Somes currently resides in Seattle, Washington. For more information, gallery events, availability or inquiries on custom, private commissions or photography, please email or submit an inquiry via

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