Taco’s and Wine

Tacos are love; tacos are life

There is a taco for everyone and every occasion: breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, dinner tacos, snack tacos, wedding tacos and Choco Tacos. Millennials love tacos so much that people have even written wedding vows committing themselves to each other, and tacos, for eternity. And honestly, with so much diversity and so many options, why wouldn’t they?

The only downside (not a real downside) is trying to find the perfect pairing for that special taco in your life. Beer and tequila are the obvious choices, but sometimes you just have to change it up a little bit. After all, what we have come to conclude is that, adulting is about expanding your knowledge but totally disregarding it when the time comes to apply. So, here we are, jumping in to guide you through some time and taco pairings. 

Since we have the attention span of a goldfish, here are the three basic rules:

  1. Champagne goes with everything;
  2. White meat = white wine
  3. The spicier the food; the colder and sweeter the wine. and;
  4. Drink what you want but always be willing to try something new.


Carne Asada (Steak)

Wine: Malbec

The dark, concentrated fruit in the Malbec will complement charred flavors from the grill. If you’re not convinced, imagine the cattle farmers in Argentina grazing their cattle along the base of the Andes. When you take a bite of Carne Asada and follow it with a sip of Malbec, you’ll be transported there.




Wine: Pinot Noir

Carnitas; rich and decadent. The bright red fruit flavors and high acidity of a typical pinot noir will go perfectly with this slow cooked pork.



Wine: Rioja

Both come from Spain and the acidity in the Rioja will stand up to the spice in the Chorizo.


Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Wine: Verdejo

A bit of an obscure Spanish wine, but you can spend all the time you saved in the Taco Bell drive-thru by searching for this new wine. The Verdejo is a solid choice because it is light, refreshing and fruity and since you’ll undoubtedly be dousing your Gordita in “Fire” sauce, you will need something to take the edge off the heat and clear your taste buds for the next bite. Millennial pro tip: both the wine and the taco are cheap.



Find one from somewhere in the New World. They tend to be bigger-bodied and have more fruit than Old World styles. This pairing works because the freshness of the wine will be a cleansing counterpoint to the richness of the barbacoa.


Baja Fish Tacos

Wine: Champagne

The bubbles will cut the oil and richness of the batter, and the acidity will pair with the flakiness of the white fish.


Choco Taco

Wine: California Red Blend

First thing’s first: red wine and chocolate is a classic pairing. Remember that for the future. With this sophisticated and decadent taco, you will want to pair it with a New World Cabernet, heavy blend. The Choco Taco in all its glory with the chocolate wafer shell and fudge swirled vanilla ice cream sprinkled with peanuts is incredible. The wine will be fruit-forward, and bold, and the combination will, for lack of better words, be like putting fruit jam on the dessert. Get down on it.

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