Try Harder: The Modern Male’s Guide to Sunglasses

Oh these aviators? The white ones with the blue mirrors? These mah hater blockers and I can’t see you.
No they’re not and you look like a douche. Wire rimmed and mirrored aviators are not a “safe” option and haven’t been since Val Kilmer was skinny in Top Gun… unless of course you peaked in the late 80’s and are now a minivan driving football coach in the same town where you “almost took state.” Then by all means keep fucking with them. They go well with your whistle, clipboard and Sketchers.

However, if you wear something other than sweatpants to work
The golden rule for sunglasses is that you need to find a pair that contrast the shape of your face. If you don’t know the shape of your face ask a friend. If you don’t have any friends, then take a selfie and trace the frame of your face with a whiteboard marker. What shape did it make?

Now that we got that cleared up, here’s the cheat sheet.

If your face is:

Round: Look for aviators / square / angular frames to contrast your circular face. Never wire rimmed unless you’re over 40 or a hipster with a mustache that should be singed from your ironic face.
Our Recommendation: Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer

Oval: Congratulations! Any shape frames will work. Just make sure they are wide enough to match the widest point of your pretty face.
Our Recommendation: Smith Mt. Shasta

Square: Try to find a pair with slightly curved frames. Since your head already looks like a cubist piece of art, wear glasses that contrast the shape of your face.
Our Recommendation: Persol Cellor

Oblong: Again, try and find a semi-curved frame that contrasts the strange, angular structure of your face.
Our Recommendation: Polariod PLD 2048/S

Heart-Shaped: First of all that’s weird, but try to avoid frames with too much detailing on the top.
Our Recommendation: Electric Black Top

Diamond-shaped: Also weird, but the good news is any shape frames will work. Try to avoid extremes and find lenses that are taller than they are wide.
Our Recommendation: MVMT Reveler

Triangular: Top heavy frames will balance your awkward shaped face. Square / angular frames with lenses that are taller than wide work well.
Our Recommendation: Carrera 55mm

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