Try Harder: Why You Need to Be Golfing

You don’t like golf because “it’s not a real sport” and you suck at it
Get off your medium sized pony and get over it. Maybe you’re one of those guys who thinks to yourself “golf isn’t a real sport” as you and thirty other dudes jerk each other off in your crossfit gym. Maybe you’re one of those guys who doesn’t want to go spend time on perfectly manicured grass and hang with the boys. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are, you need to let them go. Golf is a game played by the powerful and the influential, which means that your refusal to play directly reduces the amount of opportunities that will present themselves to you in life. Try harder, pull your head out of your ass and learn how to play golf.

Golf is a “sport” much in the way that your Wednesday night co-ed rec softball team is
It’s not. Not at your age and skill level. It’s a social gathering with an activity attached to it. The difference between your NARP softball league and the golfing is that the people who participate in golf are incrementally more likely to be wealthy and talk about business, as opposed to a bunch of Chad’s who peaked in high school and are trying to flex by smashing homers and crushing Michelob Ultras. The key takeaway here is that you don’t have to be the best golfer, you just need to be adept at playing so you’re not turning down professional development/advancement opportunities. The fact that you’re outside, drinking beers and with your with friends is never a bad thing.

Three reasons why you need to be golfing:

  1. Four hours of sharing a golf cart with someone you don’t necessarily know can be a great opportunity for networking.
  2. It’s one of the best ways to close a deal, conduct an interview or be pampered by clients
  3. It builds deeper connections with the people that have direct influence on your life. Peers, bosses, potential business partners, new groups of friends and your girlfriend’s dad.

“But I’ve never golfed before and now it’s too late” – You, being a pussy.
No. At our age no one who you would be golfing with is going pro. Literally the only thing you need to do is show up and know how to not be an asshole. The only prerequisite to being able to golf with anyone the ability to drive a golf cart without putting it into a lake. Here is everything you need to get started, play a round and start closing deals like a goddamn savage.

1. Buy a set of used golf clubs and a bag
Go to your local golf store or Play-it-Again sports, tell the people there that you’re learning how to play and they will help you find a set of cheap, used clubs that will be wonderful. You don’t need anything new or fancy while you’re learning. Honestly, most of the people that golf a lot don’t need anything new or fancy. Don’t spend more than $200. You need irons 4-9, a wedge of some sort, a driver and a putter. Spending extra money on multiple woods that you won’t be able to hit straight is a total chad move.

2. Go to the driving range with a friend (or YouTube) and hit a bucket of balls
You’re doing this so you know how to hold the clubs right and swing. Seriously, just go once and figure it out so you’re not starting from square one when you get out on the course for the first time.

3. Know the basics of the game

  • The person furthest from the hole gets to hit
  • The person with the best score from the last hole shoots first on the next one
  • Don’t talk when people are hitting and stay out of their line of sight. If you are in their line of sight, stand still.

4. Know how to play as a beginner

  • Keep your rate of play up. This means playing very quickly so you can keep up with the more experienced golfers. No one is going to mind playing with you as long as you play quickly and don’t slow the group down.
  • If you’re struggling there’s nothing wrong with picking up your ball and joining the group on the green.
  • Be respectful of other players and their game. This is little things like making sure you don’t talk while they hit, not stepping all over their line on the green and generally making sure that they can take the round as seriously as they want.
  • Buy a round of drinks for the group

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