Try Harder: The Modern Man’s Guide to Spring Fashion

Here is the truth, we don’t really care about fashion
We could give a shit about “fashion” because we associate it with seasonal trends and weird models wearing clothing that looks like they were created by dumpster diving during an acid trip.

However, we do care about looking good because we are vain and looking good makes us feel good and when we feel good we are more successful professionally, sexually and socially. Women love men who dress well, your professional superiors respect a well dressed guy and you will standout in social situations. Dressing well demonstrates that you care for yourself, are responsible and most importantly are calculated. What you wear is a direct reflection of the kind of person you are. Whether or not you like it, what you wear combined with your body language immediately frames what kind of person you are.

This article applies because many of us (myself included) fell into a comfortable style of dressing in college and it hasn’t changed since then
For the last 8 years I have pretty much looked like the seasonal J Crew catalogue came on me. This is ironic because I live in a landlocked state and the closest thing to a boat that I own is a deflated inner tube. Nevertheless, I wear Sperry’s all summer with my pastel J-Crew shorts and un-tucked semi-fitted dress shirts, backwards snapback with my Ray Bans dangling from a pair of Croakies around my neck. It’s comfortable because it is safe and it was great in college when there was power and safety in being a carbon copy. However, beyond undergrad and trips to the Cape, the fratting uniform is passé and now makes us look unimaginative.

Our information is not about fashion, it is about clothing.  It is an approach that is comfortable, sustainable and does not follow seasonal trends or really have even seasonal application. You should be able to develop a closet of clothing that can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down and worn for years. All the options here are interchangeable and all of the items are staple pieces. We don’t believe in buying “fashionable” and “trending” clothing.

Combination #1
Hungover brunch where you’re forced to meet her parents

$ J Crew Thompson Unconstructed Blazer in Microgrid Linen – $ 106
$$  Ralph Lauren Solid Linen Classic-Fit Sport Coat – $ 139
$ Topman Slim Fit Dress Shirt – $24
$$ Theory Slim Fit Shirt – $90
$ Crevo Lawless Double Monk Strap Slip-On – $70
$$ Saks Fifth Avenue Made in Italy Woven Loafers – $150
$  William Rest Bedford Relaxed Tapered Pant – 40$
$$  Slate & Stone Slim Fit Pant – 79$

Combination #2
Out of your league Bumble dates

$ Zara Textured Weave Cardigan – 30$
$$ Weather Proof Collard Cardigan – 60$
$ Bonobos Washed Stretch Chinos – 39$
$$ J Crew Broken-in Chino Pant 484 Fit – 75$
$ Kenneth Cole Dressy Slub Henley Tee – 20$
$$ Alternative Classic Pima Cotton Henley – 52$
$ Converse All-Star Fulton Oxford Sneaker – 14$
$$ Creative Recreation Carda White Orange – $95

Combination #3
Drink with your boys but thirsty for other things

$ ASOS Tall Hoodie  – $28
$$ Vitalty Fishtail Hoodie  – $54
$ Levi Slim Straight Leg Jean – $40
$$ Joe’s Jeans The Brixton –$80
$ ASOS Chelsea Boots –$76
$$ Maganni Stefano Chukka Boot – 177$ (55% off)

Combination #4
Trendy lounge (don’t stain or you’ll hate yourself)

$ Publish Conor – $58
$$ Vitaly Scooped Sweater – $84
ASOS Celio Woven Joggers – $34
$$ Native Youth Military Anderby Trouser – $80
$ Vince TCC Slip-On Sneaker – $80
$$ Nike Air Max Zero Essential  – $130

Combination #5
Beach day with love interests

$$ Native Youth Linen Askam Shirt – $100
$ Cole Tribal Hybrid Swim – $28
$$ Robert Graham Fiji Swim Trunk – 60$
$ Vans Perf Leather Slip-on – $60
$$ Zanzara Leather Slip-on – 90 $
$ Jack Spade Wagner 55 MM Wayfarer Sunglasses – $60

The migration from a typical clothing selection undoubtedly gives us anxiety because it is the one way we can identify ourselves without having to open our mouths
However, if you have read this far, you’re likely wanting to try something different and not wanting to admit you don’t know your line in. Here is a start; these combinations are conservative, relatively inexpensive and likely from brands you don’t know. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

With all of this being said, the way you dress is only one piece of the equation. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – meaning that the interaction of the separate parts into a whole is more powerful than any singular part action alone. Clothes do not make a man; a man makes a man. It’s the combination of confidence, body language, physical prowess, hygiene and clothing that creates an individual who will stand out and be taken seriously. So start taking care of yourself by exercising (use The Workout) trade in the Sperry’s and try harder because you do care even if you don’t.

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